Digital Mail Distribution Solutions

Rising Costs, Rising Volumes

Despite the overall decline in volume for letters and envelopes, the USPS processed and delivered an average of 429.9 million pieces of mail each day. Mail continues to be a powerful tool used by businesses, whether for invoices, bills, remittance, loans, insurance, applications, and customer service, which means physical mail is going to be around for a long time. With the rapid growth of ecommerce, the volume of parcels is projected to grow to 262 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 14.8%. However, the costs of postage and paper mail handling are constantly on the rise. Labour shortages and low resources resulting from supply chain disruptions continue to put pressure on businesses and their processes everywhere.

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Slow Turn-Around and Labour Intensive

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Labour shortages, overwhelmed workers, budget constraints, aging systems, and thousands of mail pieces per day. Does this sound familiar?

Processing mail by hand is time-consuming and labour-intensive, typically requiring dozens of employees at different workstations batching, opening, or sorting incoming mail for long hours each day. The overwhelming amount of mail creates bottlenecks that hold up downstream processes, possibly resulting in missed deadlines. Manually opening mail exposes sensitive information to too many people, posing risk for lost or mishandled sensitive information. Using razor blades or letter openers can damage envelopes and their contents, rendering documents invalid or requiring repair.

With mail shifting from letters to parcels, operations need to be flexible. Standard letter sorting equipment can’t accommodate parcels, requiring more mail to be sorted and delivered by hand. With thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of mail pieces coming in every day by the truckload, it seems impossible to process mail with labour alone, especially if you can’t hire or train additional staff.


Omation Model 306

Accelerate your throughput and meet your deadlines with OPEX® mailroom automation systems. Designed with the operator in mind, the OPEX Model 72™ envelope opener and contents extractor is the most cost-effective solution for mail opening, engineered for high-throughput rates with less reliance on labour. Load mail into the feeder and remove the contents from opened envelopes presented directly to the operator. Maximise your productivity with up to 3,600 envelopes opened per hour with only one operator.

Quickly and accurately open mixed-mail on any OMATION® automated envelope opener equipped with milling cutting technology that creates a clean and soft feathered edge. Whether you’re a small department or a large mail centre, you’ll be able to improve your operation’s efficiency without hiring more labour. The OMATION Series 210™ and Series 410™ envelope openers are small, compact systems that easily handle mixed-mail of nearly any size and thickness, including standard and overnight mail, ideal for organisations who handle between 200 and 2000 pieces per day. Take your mail room to the next level with the OMATION Model 306™ high-volume mail opener, which has the capacity to handle up to 40,000 pieces per hour.

Omation Model 306


Process documents directly from the envelope and eliminate manual prep work. The OPEX Falcon+® RED document scanner with integrated mail opening and extraction is the perfect digital mailroom solution that enables mail to be opened and scanned in one step, rather than in separate, individual steps at multiple workstations. Load mail into the feeder and scan insurance, payment, tax, or loan documents, creating high-quality images that speed up downstream processing and service level agreements. Powered by OPEX CertainScan® software, the Falcon+ RED enables you to digitise mail, use preset jobs and create custom workflows that streamline how different types of mail are handled.

Sure Sort eCommerce order sorter
Sure Sort eCommerce order sorter

Keep labour costs, operating expenses, and resource use under control by digitising your mailroom. The OPEX Falcon STS™ digital mail distribution system easily integrates with the Falcon RED scanner. Place envelopes directly into the feeder and send high-quality envelope images to the end-user for them to decide how their mail should be delivered.

Quickly and Easily Sort Mail & Small Parcels

Break free from the constraints of standard letter sorters and provide your operation with the flexibility it needs to stay ahead. Quickly and accurately sort mixed-mail and small parcels with the OPEX Mail Matrix® automated mail sorter. Load mail directly into the automatic feeder and small parcels into the drop feeder without pre-sorting.

Mail Matrix mail sorter on an angle

Primarily used a solution for a wide variety of supply chain applications, the OPEX Sure Sort® automated sorting system identifies and sorts small items, packages, and parcels. Equipped with OPEX iBOT® robotic wireless vehicles, both the Mail Matrix and Sure Sort have the ability to distribute a wide variety of mail to a convenient array of delivery bins in a single pass, removing the need to pre-sort and process mail by hand, without additional staff or manual workstations. Easily scale the Mail Matrix and Sure Sort to meet throughput and volume needs with additional modules and iBOTs.

Sure Sort Automated Sortation System

Prepare your business for the future with the flexibility to handle mail processing and distribution in the way that best fits your unique business needs. OPEX offers a variety of digital mail services and mail scanning solutions back by our dedicated service team to help you succeed.


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