Medical Records & Lloyd George Envelope Digitisation

While some hospitals have completely transitioned to electronic medical records (EMR), many others are overwhelmed by the formidable task of digitising warehouses full of patient records. However, the sheer costs, risks and inefficiencies of using paper records are not sustainable, with clear government guidance now driving the digital transformation towards the use of digital medical records.

It’s not just hospitals that can benefit from digitised records. In fact, NHS trusts in the UK typically have, on average, approximately 750,000 pages in Lloyd George envelopes. That’s a lot of paper and a formidable scanning project!

The amount of space, time, and staff required to manage and store these physical records are not cost-effective. In addition, NHS England’s current guidance suggests that funding will be cut for any GP practices that do not completely digitise patient records by March 2023. Both factors have been powerful drivers for practices making the switch to electronic records management.

However, that transition is not without its own challenges. Since each Lloyd George envelope contains wide-ranging arrays of personal information, the secure and accurate capture of this information is paramount. Many Lloyd George files are 70+ years old, and in deteriorating and fragile condition, so it’s not a simple task to scan the records. And every record needs to be scanned and accessible for safe medical practice.

OPEX® equipment provides solutions with the power to digitise high volume patient records directly from the file folder. The OPEX Falcon® Series of Scanners are the premier product for patient files and medical records scanning due to the significant labour savings, increased security and document integrity, combined with a powerful ‘chain of custody’ associated with all records.

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